I read books.


on November 13, 2008

Let’s talk about guilty pleasures. How can a book about a rebellious teenage girl falling in love with a much-better-than-human vampire boy be something I would read…and read…and read…until I have finished four 500+ page books in a very short period of time. Hmm. I can’t explain it. 

But I will say that I personally found a number of spiritual themes in there. I’m not saying that Stephenie Meyer put them there; I’m just saying that I saw them.

1. We desire to be loved irrationally and completely, in spite of feeling very unworthy, powerless and small.

2. We desire to be free of our dying mortal bodies and connect with the Eternal that never dies or grows old.

3. We need to feel protected and cherished, completely secure in the arms of Someone who is all-powerful, can see the thoughts and plans of others, and knows our future.

4. Marriage (and the subsequent physical union) is the perfect metaphor for our spiritual union with Christ, our husband, but it’s mysterious and kind of weird that this is true.

5. We feel powerless and want to be powerful. God in us can do all things.

6. The power is in the Blood.


2 responses to “Twilight

  1. Katy says:

    My roommate bought me the first two books for Christmas, and I’m hooked. Time did an article on Stephenie Meyer- you should check it out!,9171,1734838,00.html

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. carrisonline says:

    For an alternative review of Twilight, and her explanation of why she believes it’s so addictive, see Lindsey’s blog at

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