I read books.

The Reason for God

This best-seller by Tim Keller is my “try-to-read” for quite a while now. Keller pastors a radical church in downtown New York which teaches the Bible right in the shadow of Time Square’s neon lights. He is a modern revolutionary, and some compare him to Frances Schaeffer.  I like what I have read, and I like talking about it, but for some reason I can’t get finished with it. I slide back over to my fiction…or my better-than-fiction biographies…and forget to return. Sorry, Tim.

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Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

The big debate as I read BF’s biography is: did he have multiple affairs, or just lead a very flirtatious lifestyle? As a deist, why would he have stayed faithful to one wife? If he was an adulterer, does that disqualify him from being a great American? 

Some of Ben’s most interesting ideas: volunteer army and fire dept.; Junto; daylight savings time.

Something to ponder: if Ben had successfully persuaded Parliament to work more cooperatively with the colonies, I would be British.

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